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Lumenis Hair Removal

Is a new company that is shaking up the hair removal game, their x-laser technology is their only difference from other hair removal methods. This device is said to be able to remove hair with only a few applications, this company grants a new and exciting alternative of hair removal that is unlike any other.

Medical Laser
Skin Rejuvenation Resurfx Laser System

2020 Lumenis Stellar M22 IPL

By Lumenis


2019 Lumenis Splendor X- Laser Hair Removal- LOW USAGE!!!
(1.95, 1.93, 2.23, 2.02 Headrooms)

Lumenis Laser Hair Removal Machine Price

The laser hair removal machine is one of the most advanced options on the market, with its three and 560 kb of power, this machine is designed to remove hair from the inside and outside of the body. This machine is designed as an entire body treatment, not just hair removal, the skin rejuvenation and 695 helix technology is designed to help you feel refreshed and hunting younger after your treatment. The hair removal machine is a high-quality tool that can help you get the desired results with just a few effortless steps, this machine is fabricated from durable materials that will never let you get tired while using it. Additionally, the machine is basic to handle and can be controlled with so you can get the most out of your time and results, laser hair removal is an enticing solution for folks who wish for a top-of-the-line level of hair removal without the use of harsh chemicals. This laser technology uses a natural light sheer technology that allows for the use of a low speed for the removal of hair, the 805 nm wavelength helps to remove hair quickly and properly. The ipl quantum 2001 laser hair removal unit is a fantastic alternative for shoppers who covet a valuable hair removal system without the use of harsh chemicals, this unit is guaranteed to leave your hair feeling healthy with only test units available.